Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser Version Free

A surprisingly potent browser that will swiftly take you to your favorite websites

Chrome, Firefox and Explorer aren’t the only browsers out there, you know. Over the past few years, some great, high performance alternatives have been developed. These alternatives offer decent user experience and some of them even surpass traditional browsers in some aspects.
Maxthon 3 is one of these alternatives for traditional browsers. It's driven by Dual Display Engines and due to its ever increasing popularity, available in 37 languages. Its user interface, icons, skins, layouts and tool bars are completely customizable so you can set your Maxthon browser to look precisely as you want it to.
In order to control Maxthon and to quickly navigate the web with it you can use accessible menus, shortcut keys, URL aliases or mouse gestures. Whichever means is more convenient for you.
You can surf the web in private mode, in split screen mode or in any other mode that best suits your current needs and preferences.
Other features offered by Maxthon include the 'Restore Recent Page' button to reopen accidently close tabs, Snap button to easily capture a snap shot and edit it, and many other features. Oh, it also enables you to browse the Internet and to access your favorite websites.
If you're looking for a good alternative for traditional browsers this one should definitely get your attention.
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